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Dec 4, 2013 5:30am PST
the current buyback or religions are not satisfactory. would it didn't cost us three dollars due respect to china supports all you have all of the time that's variations does not see that the star of the ties between the two nations. we asked the owner looking forward to morning mass demands more terrorists egypt is now revising these foreign policy and upstream from the ties these rusher there's no more room for more meets china. it also doubles up. during the said there was a cupcake decorating interest in having deeper ties with cairo. there became a strong base to boost bilateral relations between both countries. so after egypt called it's a transitional period. nothing should pander to the next elected government of having an old friend as an ally i've increased the cdp cairo a team from the international community agencies december news conference on its preliminary findings offer inspecting the photo she would die she knew pure pop along to injure a hunk of those links you he's the head of the nineteen member team he says that the liberty crew re report on that the contamination p
Dec 9, 2013 5:30am PST
really high and i don't like acknowledge the religion in an insta out i can hand out will receive a challenging circumstances around you bringing this story to us and boy the story that for this we said that decade. do you say that this does seem to be some signs that the situation has calmed the storm beat the devils that we sold in the three days previous to this other talk a bit about the french troops that because we are hearing about this elected on the rebel groups the web for meat is sold by the presidents of the show should associate in september this year and now the french troops had this cough in this mission to disarm then completes the other is begging to be in austin. what about that christina pfeiffer still out there as well. a good question. my companion and friend option but protected from andy and i can revel in and out for the french eat for half an hour this morning making a number of them at any amount to much and being seen. i'll maintain economic option for the full amount that can and i'm thinking well i can reach out to the operation he wanted to make it b
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2